Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hey ! I want to say something la . Actually , i playgirl . What ? Hate me ? Okey . I playgirl couse boy cheat on me . I really hate that ! That why i playgirl . Haha . Nasrik cheat on me . Taufik cheat on me . Amirul never love me . Only one that really loyal at me . Mu'izz ! Olden , he have a girlfie and i just a scndal . Then , i heard that he cheat on me . But now he loyal at me only . Yah ! I really love him . I hope we can keep in existence our relationship . Now , only him my hubby , my love and my heart . My mama also like him . Couse he always take care about me . We love together from 08.12.2010 until now . I want to marry him larh . I'm not single okey . I only have my hubby . Abdul Mu'izz <3 . I'm sorry Nasrik and Amirul . I do everything couse i hate guys that cheat on me and love me like a playing games . Grrr ! I not you're doll okey . I'm a human that have feeling . I hope you all will forgive me . And i will forgive you dear . Fine you're true love okey . My love only for mu'izz but not for you darl . Sorry . You can't make me happy and can't love me like mu'izz love me . I'm sorry amirul .

ƨιℓα ℓικɛ :)