Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good Morning bloggie . Just now , i txt my hubby . Tody he want to hang out with his friends . Ouh no ! So afraid . Huwmm . Just a litter bite . But i must believe my hubby . Think positive la yanie . Huh ! You so sweet la dear . I want to meet you larh . When ? Don't know la darl . Huwmm . But i really want to meet you . Want to kiss you . Awww . In the morning you always kiss my lips also at the night . Darling , i want you in my live . Please don't leave me okey . I just afraid . if you will leave me again . Huwmm . Now i really loyal at you dear . I want happy with you only mu'izz . I want to make happy and smile always with me . You must believe me that i can take care of you darling . My mummy will accpt you and my daddy also . Later , i will talk to my daddy that i have you and only love you . I wish to Allah that my daddy can accpt our relationship . Amin . Darling , i hope you will get "A" in subject add math . Every minute i support you to get "A" in all you're subject . I want you to be a good students and a smart students that i meet . Haha . Just kiding . Huh ! So boring . Where you darling ? Uk la . Want to find my mucux . Daaa Bloggie .

ƨιℓα ℓικɛ :)